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What is the venue’s square footage and seating capacity? General
Main floor: 4937 square feet, seats 242 guests with a 519 standing capacity.

Mezzanine: 3508 square feet, seats 156 guests with a 292 standing capacity.

Courtyard: 7200 square feet, seats up to 450 guests with a 748 standing capacity.
Do you have parking? General
We discourage drinking and driving. Victory North is conveniently located in the Starland neighborhood, the upcoming Savannah's uptown district and easily reached. We strongly recommend alternative modes of transportation, Uber, Lyft, cabbing, bikes, Trolleys, etc., to safely enjoy a drink.

We have three parking lots available for advance reservations.
How modern is your facility? General
Although our building was constructed in the early 1900s, it was completely redesigned in 2017 by local, talented architects and engineers. Construction started on the facility in spring 2018 by a wonderful local contractor. The structure was reinforced and all the building systems (including electrical, plumbing, HVAC and fire sprinklers) were replaced. Nineteen restrooms were added for the convenience and comfort of our guests.
What are your audio equipment specs? Concerts
Stage Front has partnered with Victory North so that we can be counted on to implement the highest of standards, event after event. We work for you, giving you peace of mind for your event. What separates us from other companies is an understanding of our client, a commitment to their needs, and a highly skilled staff.

Upgrades for your special day:

STAGING Portable staging solutions to be used in courtyard and 3rd floor.

AUDIO Scalable systems to accommodate event size. Modeling software that allows optimal placement and tuning for each area.

VIDEO Creative projection solutions for unique designs.

CONTENT CREATION: Video production and editing. Portable screens and LED video walls.

LIGHTING Unique designs for events. Architecture, effects, film, production, wedding, and party.

FABRICATION Concept designs, build, and delivery. Make your event memorable with a custom set piece.

EVENT SUPPORT Technicians to operate technical aspects of events, performances and presentations for Victory North.
Can your facility accommodate physically challenged guests/ADA accessible? General
Yes, the facility is ADA compliant; it is equipped with a high-capacity elevator and ramps where needed.
What hotels are nearby? General
Savannah is full of many wonderful and unique hotels. We'd be happy to provide you with a list of preferred hotels and methods of transportation available.
Do you serve food or drinks? Concerts
Drinks are sold during the concerts. Main floor and a mezzanine levels have separate bars. In addition we have an outdoor bar. Food is served during some but not all events.
How do we get to your venue? General
Victory North is located at 2603 Whitaker St. Savannah, GA.

Limited, reservations only, parking spaces are available, therefore, we are recommending that you Uber/Lyft to Victory North to be able to enjoy a drink during the performance.
What ticketing company do you use? Concerts
Our tickets are sold through Eventbrite.
Do you allow backpacks? Concerts
Full-sized backpacks are not allowed, and all handbags and small backpacks are subject to search.
Do you have seating available? Concerts
The majority of our shows are General Admission standing room only. If a show has seating, it is specified in the show info on our website. If you are a guest that is in a wheelchair, please reach out to us ahead of time so we can prepare accommodations for you. Unfortunately, any seating in the venue is limited to barstools and is first come first serve basis and not available for all shows.
Can I take pictures at the show? Concerts
Professional cameras and Go Pros are not allowed. If you want to take pictures or video with these type of cameras, you would need to get permission from the band and have a photo or video pass.
What type of events can you host? General
The entire facility (ground floor, second floor and courtyard, 700 seated or 1500 standing) can be used to host a large event such as corporate functions or large weddings.

The ground floor and mezzanine (398 seated and 811 standing) mostly for weddings, concerts, celebrations, corporate functions, etc.

The courtyard alone (450 seated or 748 standing) may be used for various private and community events such as weddings, food tastings, antique shows, specialty markets, art fairs, fundraising, auctions, etc.

The third floor is a creative space that can host smaller exclusive gatherings such as cocktail parties, special occasion dinners and luncheons, graduation parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, wine tasting, art galleries, photo shoots, and many more!